Mike is a UKA Endurance Coach and coaches at Southampton Athletics Club and previously Winchester & District AC. Mike also coaches runners across the UK and is part of the England Athletics Club Run Team. Mike coaches from middle distance track to 10k and half marathon and full marathon road runners

Power of 10 – Coach Profile

Our performance coaching service is more than just following a training plan – this is about real coaching through regular communication, either in person or phone or zoom calls to discuss how training is going and plan key races, a weekly review of training data and feedback and support around recovery, injury, strength and conditioning and nutrition. And yes a weekly training plan developed for you based on your training data and progress.

The ultimate aim is to ensure come race day, you are able to deliver the best result possible!

Our full monthly remote performance coaching package fee is £85 per month.

For more information on Mike’s training group at Southampton AC please visit their website Southampton Athletics Club or message directly to Mike via contact page